Friday, May 3, 2013

odd man out

my semester is finally wrapping up, i am but one project submission away from being done with my first year at my adorable southern college. it has been a crazy year. i have learned a lot about myself, my beloved major and what it is like to be the odd man out. we have been living in the south for almost a year now and i am happy to say i still feel like a fish out of water. it has been interesting coming into such a small school as a senior transfer from the other side of the country. i have made friends and have most likely surprised or even frightened a lot of the girls here. someone's gotta do it. for my last project in CAD i did this...
isn't it amazing and weird and different? i love the way it turned out. i scared the hell out of my poor classmates when i told them i was going to put fox heads on my croquis. "but won't that be creepy?" they said "why don't you have them wear fox masks instead?". because... i like creepy, thanks. i have been in college long enough to know that now is the time to push ourselves and try the weird crazy ideas. if they don't work at least you had the balls to try something different, and if they do work you will get an a on your project and be proud of how far you have come.
i love being the odd man out and hope that i will always have the gumption to try new things even when people are apprehensive.
-the yankee

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