Tuesday, February 26, 2013

some kind of love.

a little something i made in cad class last week. so simple and true. i am in love. he is amazing and i am so thankful for everyday with him, even if those days are not physically with him.
living in the moment and grateful for the time we have together.

Monday, February 4, 2013


she sits with a cup of tea, cut off sweats, her hair clean and loose.
i've been processing a lot recently. everything from being a brunette, graduating in a few short semesters to moving across country again, looking for a grown up job and that constant goodbye that must be said.
life is a constant ebb and flow.
sometimes, i ride the waves, cautiously at first but then with eagerness and excitement. i ride and when i'm finished am searching for the next challenge.
but sometimes, i watch the waves from the comfort of my safe little world, a familiar world with all of its corners explored long ago.
sometimes the ebb and flow feels more like a push and shove.
i suppose the point it that it goes on, as will i, as will you.
we continue. we endure.
she put away the computer. got her cup of tea and sat on the porch, studying, enjoying the cold.
a car pulled into the drive. she smiled as she watched him turn off the engine, shut the door and walk towards her.