Thursday, August 22, 2013

the first artist

             When I see pictures like the one below of a star being born, taken by NASA (found here), I remember that our God is truly an artist. Not only is He an artist, but it was the first artist and gave us the ability to create as well. When I stop and think about that concept, the fact that my God granted me the desire and gave me the resources to form new ideas, new concepts, new pictures, and new clothing my heart flutters a little bit. I am so humbled by the fact that I have the privilege to create. Even though I feel like a 5 year old excitedly showing a parent scribbles on paper, I know that my God smiles when I use these fingers to create something new. I know that He is smiling when I work late into the night draping and sewing and trying to channel my inspiration into a garment. I only hope and pray that my creations might show Him to those around me, whether that is by making someone feel special, or beautiful or even just getting someone to smile. My hope is that they might see Him in everything I do. I am more than excited to see where my path will lead and how I will continue to be inspired by the first artist.