Tuesday, March 19, 2013

hello dream job.

in december i am [finally] graduating from college with my bachelors of science degree in fashion design and merchandising. when i was 17 i decided i really want to pursue fashion as a career and ever since then people have been asking me what my "dream job" would be once i graduated. the job description has changed from big name designer to anything in as long as it's in paris, to something in fair trade. recently i started as an intern for a local fair trade clothing company who specializes in partnering with women artisans in india. it's been a lot of work and very challenging for me as it's a new company and needs lots of tender loving care. but i love it. 
recently, someone asked me what i wanted to do when i graduated, what was my dream job. i stopped a minute about to recite the practiced speech and then realized... i am doing it. i want to be doing what i'm doing right now, using my talents, skill and passions to help those who don't have a voice, in this case promoting fair trade, sustainable fashion. 
true, life will take me somewhere new after graduation and i will find another place to work, but for now, i am happily helping to create products that are fashion forward and ethically made. 
i am doing it.

recent jacket from fall 2013 line. l to r, designer's original sketch. what i created based on the sketch including alterations designer wanted, patterning, sewing. the finished product on a model. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013


life has been busy.
[mmm... i don't like that word. let's try again.]
life has been full.
[much better.]
life has been full of half drunk cups of tea,  piles of homework, medicine in the form of vitamin c and long talks with God. it as been full of learning how to breathe suspended breaths in yoga, reading letters from husband, endless abouts of fabric and thread littering my floor and working as an intern. there have been late nights and very, very early mornings, sketching, tutoring, driving, and desperate phone calls to sisters. life has been full.
it has been good.
it is good.