Tuesday, July 21, 2009

July 21st

In spite of it all we continue. Not only because we have to, full mug of tea in hand, but because we cannot do anything else. We have not other options. While I suppose one could give up. One could simply sit down on the ground, produce the white flag and surrender to it all. I suppose one could. But I have only one question. My question is why? Why in the midst of all of it would you stop? Why would you quit? Yes. I can see why sometimes you may feel like quiting just when everything is about to start, that calm before the storm. Right before the light it turned on, while you are in the midst of the darkness you could very well simply up and quit. You could turn in your badge and decide that the know is better, safer and closer to home than all that lay before you. The known is safer than what you could have done, what many of us should have done. But you see while the known may be safer it isn't any more than the old. It isn't any more than you continuing on because you lack the faith in yourself that you could actually survive. What if you took that leap, waited out the dark and found that the light was so much better. What if you found your path right after the storm cleared? It's an awful big risk to take, staying in one safe place. A risk that could cost you. So drink your tea dear one, and set out. Conquer. Conquer. Conquer. You know not what you are capable of.