Thursday, September 15, 2011


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Sunday, September 11, 2011

never forget.

i was there. you were there. we were there.
holding hands amongst the many streaming crowds of bustlings new yorkers.
we were there in that quiet peaceful tuesday morning.
and then the silence ended.
the screams began.
i was there. you were there. we were there.
when the towers fell. when a nation held its breath.
when the skies were covered in smoke and ash.
holding hands.
you began to fall.
i couldn't save you on that day.
i couldn't save any of the near 3,000 of you.
i watched you fall. my face white. my mind blank.
you are gone and i am here.
holding hands with nothing but air.
a blank hole in the heart of a city.
in the heart of this country.
i was there and you were there.
and we will never forget.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

the next chapter...

It's been a long while since I have written here. Even now as I sit here, sun streaming into my quiet apartment, tea sitting beside me, I feel like a stranger to these keys, to this blog. It is now September, the beginning of my favorite season. I've always felt like September was more like January than January is. September means new books and the promise of another year.

Indeed new things are happening in our little household. As some of you know things have been a bit crazy with husband's job. We have been trying to move forward for quite some time and every time we get close something happens that sets us back again. September really is a time of new beginnings because on September 1st husband found out that the paperwork went through and he is leaving in January for training. The waiting has ended. The waiting has only begun. It's funny how the future can change the present. How I am changed, and we are changed because of this new direction. I have fallen asleep on his chest for the past week. Hearing his breath, feeling his skin. Trying to soak in every moment, every possible look, touch and feeling.
But we are strong. He will leave and I will stay. He will cry, and I will cry. But we are strong. It's moments like this that pull us closer together. It's the stretch, the last feating touch that will stay with us, that will keep us strong until we see each other again. But I am happy because I know that all things will work together. I am happy because I know the in spite of the tears and sorrow that this will bring it will also bring strength and a greater understanding for this love that binds us so closely.
So we continue on. We will laugh and cry and fight and love more fiercely than we knew possible. And that, I have come to realize is life. This beautiful and strange chain of events that we call life.