Thursday, February 10, 2011

dress up and tea.

sisters are here to visit. it's so nice to have family around. more people to have tea with, listen to harry potter with, make clothes with. oh, how i've missed my sisters! and oh, how i love them!
tomorrow will be filled with more adventuring and of course, tea. here are a few snaps of our time playing dress up.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Project Chair

On a recent thrifting adventure husband and I found this cute little vintage arm chair, which we spent a grand total of $5.50 on. We both love it. It needs a little work on the frame, some sanding and although I love the vintage fabric, it's pretty dirty and ratty, so I'm going to reupholster it. So this is our new project, which I'm pretty excited about!
(our living room)
(isn't it sweet?)
(loving the details!)

In other news, we got the go ahead for the next step from NG to Active Army. This is both somewhat scary and a huge answer to prayer. We are excited and learning how to trust God more and more with our future. I've been busy working on sewing projects for an organization called "The Orphan Grain Project. I love being able to use my love of sewing for helping people and spreading God's word. And... that's about it. I'm enjoying the warmth and sun and being able to spend my life with my best friend and love.