Monday, March 5, 2012

new month. new perspective.

it is march. i am very happy to say, it is finally march. i love new months, new beginnings, a fresh start and warmer weather. i welcome thee. i welcome a new season and a new perspective.
i've been thinking a lot recently. thinking about life and my purpose, my God and where and how he is going to use me. here are a few conclusions i've come to...
  1. husband is in the army, i am not. life should be lived in that reality.
  2. supporting husband my husband is important. very, very important. however, get caught up in his life, where he is called and what he is doing is not the same thing as supporting him.
  3. i have my own life. now this is tricky. of course, we have our life together but what i mean is that i have my own passions, my own desires and my own unique person for this life. these are different then husbands. and that is good. that is normal.
  4. bitterness corrodes all happiness and sense of contentment.
  5. my passions, talents and desires need to be cultivated just as much as husbands do. this is one of the harder things i've been learning. husband is much more supportive of my talent than i have been and this needs to change. i need to be excited and proud of what i do too. i am talented, special and unique damnit! and i need to see that.
  6. cross-fit is an amazing way to de-stress. as are long chats with loved ones far and near. as are steaming cups of tea. as are long talks with my God.
  7. this is not a waiting period. this is a new lifestyle and therefore life may not, and can not be simply a waiting game until we are together again. life must be lived with gusto.
  8. meals must be eaten three times a day.
  9. God has both of us in different places right now. this does not mean that he does not love us, or care about us. this means the exact opposite. God loves me more than my husband and vice versa. that has also been hard to realize.
  10. my Savior. my Jesus. my God. is first and foremost in my life. my husband. myself. or self-pity cannot be put in His place.
so, there you have it. a few of the things i've been learning. i have not mastered any of them, but the first step is realizing they exist. the second thing is what to do with them.
onward. upward. march is mine!