Sunday, November 22, 2009

salt lake city international airport.

hello. world. here i am.
sitting an an airport. listening to the people around me.
trying to keep my heart from beating so fast.
trying not to think too much about him.
very soon.
this wait will be over.
i will be with my person again.

(oui, ma personne que j'aime de tout mon coeur.)

and we will kiss.
and we will laugh.
and for a brief week i will be able to breathe again.

(parce que quand je suis avec lui mon monde est facile. mon vie est simple.)

onward. upward.
leaving on a jet plane...


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Logic... H>C

The cafĂ© is busy. The clatter of plates and mugs mingle with the noise of small town gossip that floats in the air…
Oh dear. Classic. Here I am a young college student sitting at my little coffee shop writing sentences like that. Dear little Bekah, so cute. I’m sure that in a few years I will look back and remember feeling so nostalgic about this place, this town, this time in my life.
Currently wearing…
Light wash skinny jeans. Grey t-shirt with a graphic of a tree. Long burgundy cardigan with pockets and buttons and leather detailing. Black leather ankle boots. Two gold necklaces, one long, one short. My hair is pulled up into a bun and I’m wearing mascara.
I actually feel pretty cute today although my mood is somewhat dampened by the fact that I probably just failed my logic exam. And I CAN’T fail this class or I am ruined and can’t go to SF. Oh sear… Haha. Listen to this and appreciate the irony please…
If I fail my logic test then I will not pass the class. If I do not pass the class then I will not meet the requirements of SFSU. If I do not meet the requirements of SFSU then I will not be able to transfer. If I am not able to transfer then my plan will be ruined. Therefore if I didn’t pass this test then my plan is ruined.
1. F> ~P
2. ~P>~R
3. ~R>~T
4. ~T >P
Conclusion: F>P
Yep. That’s right. That right there is a proof of my current situation (And if I didn’t do that right I will be so sad… and will have proved my point all together). Thank God for pita wraps and iced tea at the Acoustic Cafe in Menomonie which after consuming I feel a little bit better, or maybe I’m just full. In any case I just have to get through the next few hours (studying for a French exam at 3.30) and then I get to go home! Tonight I’m going out with some friends, Friday I’m chillin, doing homework and errands. Then on Saturday I’m getting my hair cut and highlighted (blonde) and going to work at 4. And then… and then… on Sunday I’m going to church, chipotle with my little brother and then driving to the airport! Hells yes! Three days from now I will be with my fiancĂ© whom I haven’t seen in over a month.
I just have to get through this last exam then I’m home free!
Time to study….